Taking Notes

I work with quite a few different technologies and I’ll use this blog to talk about all of them as I find interesting things to say about each. Currently I’m working primarily with SQL Server and that’ll be the primary focus of this blog as well. Databases tend to be a constant that run through all of my jobs, so that’ll be quite a bit of the discussion here.

Some of the posts will be explanations of things I’ve figured out or pieced together from other sources. Others will be links to posts by other people that I find interesting or valuable. I have a feeling most of the posts will be things I find useful that I want to be able to remember again when I need them making this partly a blog and partly a personal reference book.

I hope other people find value in what I’m saying here and welcome other ideas on how to do things or corrections if I’ve misunderstood something. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to find them.

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