I’d like to recommend a web site for learning SQL Server and for all your questions as you get stuck. And you will get stuck, believe me, at least if you do anything at all beyond the basics and probably even then. It isn’t because SQL Server isn’t good or is especially difficult, it is simply the nature of complex systems. You’ll get stuck in any programming language you use, but at least these days we have the internet to help us figure our way out of our problems.

SQL Server Central is a great resource for learning new tricks, improving your coding and finding help for figuring out problems. It is mostly populated by knowledgeable, helpful people. Any on-line community will have its jerks, but I can honestly say they are few and far between on this site. Just ignore the ones that show up because there will be a ton of other people willing to pitch in and help.

In addition to the forums, and I encourage you to jump in there, they also publish articles daily. Make sure you read the comments that accompany the articles, I’ve learned some amazing things there and found links to other great articles.

I am fortunate enough to have had some articles published there. I’ll repost them here eventually, but if you publish with them they get it exclusively for an extremely reasonable 3 months.

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