Tool Choice

I’ve been wanting to set up a portion of my site as a shared repository for my friends and I to post recipes and talk about cooking. My immediate thought was to use a wiki because wikis are all about shared data. They’re designed to be used by multiple users and to organize information, but as I looked into it I started questioning this assumption. Most of the people who would use this aren’t technical people and manually updating several pages to ensure searchability and categories were properly maintained wasn’t likely. I was surprised to find that none of the wiki software I examined in my research supported tags.

As a result, I think I’m going to attempt to set up a multi-user WordPress blog. WordPress allows both categories and tagging and it can all be done on the entry page. With a wiki, the users would create the entry and then have to go to update the navigation page with links for the ingredients and then sub-pages showing which recipes use each ingredient. For a complicated recipe, that could be a dozen pages. With tags, you just add a dozen tags and it does all the linking for you.

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